The best crew is only as good as the tools they use, and with RGC Construction, you’ll have the most reliable, durable tools to handle any job. Whether it’s a small sidewalk repair, building a skyscraper or shoring up a new highway, we have the hydraulic circular and chain saws, pumps, drills, impact wrenches, pole tools and hydraulic power packs you’ll need to make quick work of it. Whatever your construction needs, with RGC, You Got This.

Why Hydraulic Power?

Cleaner, energy efficient and environmentally friendly

Hydraulic powered tools are a “greener” option than gas- or electricity-operated ones, requiring less maintenance because the same fluid used to power them keep their moving parts lubricated.

More flexible than other tools

Hydraulic tools are capable of working underwater and in extremely cold temperatures.

Lighter, more reliable

Without emissions or dust, hydraulic tools require less maintenance, create less noise and pose no threat of high-voltage injuries.

Hydraulic Saws

The toughest job is a satisfied customer waiting to happen. RGC Construction has what you need for every job, every time.

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Hydraulic Power Packs

Whether working indoors or out, RGC HydraPaks provide the reliable, portable and steady power your hydraulic tools need to keep your project moving on time and on budget.

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Hydraulic Tools and Accessories

Get full use of your hydraulic power supply with Water and Trash Pumps, Core Drills and Hydraulic Hoses available from RGC.

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