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75th Anniversary RGC

Since we started business back in 1946, RGC has maintained a standard for excellence in technology and durability. For 75 years, RGC has provided safe and simple solutions so you can get the job done. Through our vision of intelligent engineering and a focus on low maintenance and superior functionality, RGC products put you ahead of the game.

RGC is proud to be a leader in hydraulic equipment. We manufacture a variety of hydraulic tools that are among the most innovative and efficient in the industry, and we are constantly expanding our offerings. Our hydraulic offerings are more productive, versatile, efficient and environmentally friendly than the competition. We offer a wide range of concrete-cutting products, including:

HYDRAULIC POWERED CHAINSAWS small arrow pointing right

RGC Hydraulic Chainsaws combine the power of hydraulics with the cutting efficiency of a heavy duty chainsaw. Capable of cutting up to 30” deep with precision, chain saws can cut square corners in thicker material without overcut.

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HYDRAULIC CIRCULAR SAWS small arrow pointing right

WHATEVER DIRECTION YOUR WORK TAKES YOU, CIRCULAR SAWS CAN HANDLE IT. Cut through concrete walls, metal and scrap with ease. Hydraulic circular saws don’t get bogged down, meaning your work will be more efficient, less physically taxing. Whether your job is inside or outside, underwater or in frigid temperatures, an RGC Circular Saw has you covered.

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Portable power you can depend on. Whether working indoors or out, RGC HydraPaks provide the reliable, portable and steady power your hydraulic tools need to keep your project moving on time and on budget. RGC offers Briggs & Stratton and Honda gas engines and electric motors to power your hydraulic tools. Whichever power supply you prefer, we’ll power you up and keep you running.

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Get full use of your hydraulic power supply with RGC Core Drills, Trash Pumps and Water Pumps. RGC HydraCore Drills are the most efficient, precise tools for boring holes through concrete floors, ceiling or walls. RGC pumps are compact submersible pumps designed to efficiently move large volumes and require no priming and can run dry without damage to the pump.

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RGC has been pushing the hydraulic equipment industry forward for more than half a century. Shop our selection of cutting products or contact us today for assistance finding the right tools for you.