What Is Core Drilling and What Industries Use It?

Generally speaking, core drilling is the process of removing a cylinder of material using a hollow cylinderical drill.  Core drilling is used in construction industries, mining industries, geotechnical engineering and research.  Core drills are useful not only to cut a hole in material, but also in extracting material so that […]

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how to control dust when cutting concrete

How to Control Dust When Cutting Concrete

Construction workers who perform concrete cutting applications are constantly exposed to silica dust. Though this dust may seem harmless on the surface, it can create significant health risks. Luckily, you can minimize concrete dust’s effects by taking the right precautions. Dangers of Silica Dust When Cutting Concrete Silica dust is […]

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wet vs. dry saw cutting

Wet vs. Dry Concrete Cutting

Purchasing a concrete saw comes with a lot of factors to consider. Ultimately, the choice comes down to whether you need a saw for wet cutting or dry cutting concrete. The two have advantages and disadvantages, but the decision ultimately comes down to the project you are tackling. Wet Cutting […]

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what are diamond blades

What Are Diamond Blades?

Diamond blades are the ultimate tool for cutting through tough materials like stone, ceramic, concrete, asphalt and more. Although we use the term cut, diamond blades work by grinding through materials. The blades consist of synthetic diamond particles mixed with various powdered metals in precise amounts to form a strong […]

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Construction Safety Tips & Best Practices

Why Safety on Construction Job Sites Is Important A construction job is only as good as its workforce. When a company takes the proper steps to maintain construction safety, it creates a culture of people who value performing their jobs productively and responsibly. A culture of safety can lead to […]

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what is chainsaw kickback

How to Avoid Chainsaw Kickback

What Is Chainsaw Kickback? A chainsaw kickback can be a significant risk whenever you’re operating the equipment, so it’s essential to know why it happens and how to prevent it. Every year, about 36,000 people are treated for chainsaw-related injuries, according to data from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Proper […]

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choose the right concrete saw

How to Choose the Right Type of Concrete Saw

Finding the right concrete cutting tool for your project can often be challenging since so many different types of concrete saws are available. Every type of concrete cutting tool has a unique application best suited for a particular job. By understanding the various features of the different concrete saws available […]

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guide to concrete cutting

Guide to Concrete Cutting

When it comes to cutting, removing or modifying concrete for a home, business, construction or industrial project, only the strongest tools will measure up against this powerful material. Concrete is valued for its resilience and versatility, and these qualities require a safe and well-planned approach to successfully cut, remove or […]

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