Diamond Chainsaw Chains

RGC Diamond Chains for Concrete Chainsaws

Explore our selection of diamond chainsaw chains on sale now! These concrete chains work as hard as you do, so you can be confident that your chainsaw will be powerful, flexible, and dependable. Compatible with RGC, ICS and Stanley hydraulic chainsaws. Shop now to save!

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We Offer Multiple Chain Sizes & Types

Before purchasing a new chain, determine your chainsaw model and choose between our two diamond segmented chain options:

  • S-series: These chains cut through medium-soft to extremely hard materials with steel rebar.
  • L-series: These chains are ideal for cutting soft to medium-soft materials like green concrete, rebar-free concrete blocks, and bricks.

Benefits of Choosing RGC Diamond Chainsaw Chains

We offer several types of chains for different chainsaw models:

Buy Hydraulic Chainsaw Chains Online at RGC Construction

At RGC Construction, we’re committed to providing you with quality products and unsurpassed customer support. As industry leaders in hydraulic equipment manufacturing, we’re proud to offer our customers versatile, efficient, and hardworking products. Contact us to learn more about our industrial chainsaw chains, or purchase your replacement chains online today.