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The FS20 allows for closer, more accurate and flush cuts against flat surfaces ranging from concrete walls to curbs and driveways. Both Standard and Premium blades are available for the FS20 to give you the precision you need without compromising power.

All saws include Guard, Water Attachment for wet cutting, Hose whips w/ Flush-Face fittings and Trigger Lockout. (Hydraulic requirements: 8 gpm @ 2000-2500 psi.)

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Our FS20 Flush Cut Saw uses hydraulic driven power to maintain constant cutting speeds and torque without belts, pulleys, excessive noise or exhaust fumes. Because the FS20 operates in a closed hydraulic system it is virtually maintenance free.

With this hydraulic-powered saw, it is possible to cut flush with a perpendicular surface making it ideal for wall corner cuts. Use the FS20 with our upright handle saw attachment for easy wall cutting at floor level. This setup is also the right choice for curb cutting.

The FS20 safely cuts a variety of materials in confined spaces, damp environments and underwater without risk of fumes or shock. Operate this flush cut power saw from one of our hydraulic power packs or another compatible auxiliary power source with the addition of a flow divider.

FS20 Features & Benefits

  • Cutting depth up to 8 in.
  • Cuts flush to perpendicular surfaces, such as walls and curbs.
  • Cuts vertically, horizontally and underwater.
  • Cut concrete, reinforced concrete, aggregate, stone, brick, block, pipe and steel beams quickly and cleanly.
  • Heavy duty hydraulic motor provides constant cutting speed under load.
  • Modular frame design permits easy replacement of parts.
  • Lightweight, rugged steel tube construction is lighter than gas saws.
  • Dual-function trigger for automatic wet cutting.
  • Accepts abrasive or diamond blades.
  • Use inside or outside with no exhaust pollutants.
  • Heavy duty guard for flush cutting and guard attachment for normal cutting are standard features.
  • FS20 is sold as a Hand Saw or Upright Saw or Hand Saw with Upright Handle.  The Upright Handle Kit may also be purchased separately.
FS20 Flush Cut Saw
Part #2020305
Blade Size20 in. (50.8 cm)
Cutting Depth8 in. (20.3 cm)
Blade Speed1830 rpm
Flow8 gpm @ 50 psi (30 lpm)
Pressure Range2000 – 2500 psi (138 – 172 bar)
Weight (less bar & chain)38 lbs. (17.2 kg)

RGC offers Flush Cut saw for hand cutting walls and floors in tight 90° corners, as well as an upright handle kit for wall and curb cutting at floor or street level. All saws include guard, water attachment for wet cutting, hose whips with flush-face fittings and trigger lockout. (Hydraulic requirements: 8 gpm @ 2000-2500 psi.)

Purchase the FS20 Flush Cut Saw Today

Experience the exceptional power of the FS20 Flush Cut power saw for yourself. This hardworking saw has a perpendicular surface perfect for tricky corners and other tough cutting jobs. This lightweight and low-maintenance saw features a hydraulic motor for consistent cutting speeds and added precision. It also provides an upright handle attachment and a choice between diamond or abrasive flush cut circular saw blades.

Buy your FS20 Flush Cut saw today to experience its superior quality and remarkable power for yourself. Contact us online for more information or to ask a question about this product.

Additional information

Model Description

FS20 Hand Saw, Guard and Depth Guide w/ 8 in. cutting depth. 1830 rpm @ 8 gpm, FS20 Hand Saw, Guard, Depth Guide and Upright Handle w/ 8 in. cutting depth. 1830 rpm @ 8 gpm, FS20 Upright Saw w/ 8 in. cutting depth. 1830 rpm @ 8 gpm


RGC FS20 HydraSaw Instruction Manual


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