HydraCart Walk Behind Saw | 14″ to 24″ Cutting Depth


Let the RGC HydraCart Walk Behind Saw do the heavy work by mounting your circular saw.  HydraCarts allow easier maneuverability along low surfaces.  Available in two sizes, RGC SawCart for light duty straight-line cutting or RGC HydraCart for bigger, heavier work.

*Qualifies for Flat Rate Freight of $400.  Canadian customers, please call or contact us for a freight quote.
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HydraCart Walk Behind Saw

The HydraCart Walk Behind Saw is ideal for continuous and straight cutting of roadways, driveways, sidewalks and more. The Hydracart combines the power of the RGC S14, S16 or S20 Hydrasaws to make clean, precise cuts through a variety of materials. Reduce fatigue with the Hydracart, so you can work longer and get more done.

HydraCart Walk Behind Saw Features:

  • Ideal for continuous and straight cutting in roadways, driveways, sidewalks and warehouse floors.
  • Cart mounting for precise control and less operator fatigue.
  • Rugged one piece steel frame construction.
  • Folding handles and removeable ballast box for easy transporting.
  • Control console at operator’s fingertips, includes depth-of-cut indicator and locking device.
  • HydraCart accommodates 14 in., 16 in., and 24 in. HydraSaw models.
HydraCart & Saw Cart
ModelSaw Cart (Light Duty)HydraCart w/ Ballast Box
Part #20004892000483
Saw Size14 in., 16 in.
(35.5 cm), (40.6 cm)
14 in., 16 in., 20 in., 24 in.
(35.5 cm), (40.6 cm), (50.8 cm), (61 cm)
Dimensions14 in. W x 30 in. D x 40 in. H
(35.5 cm x 76 cm x 101.4 cm)
24 in. W x 38 in. D x 29 in. H
(61 cm x 96.4 cm x 73.5 cm)
Weight74 lbs. (33.8 kg)260 lbs. (118 kg)

Looking for a lighter duty cart? Check out the SawCart Walk Behind Saw Cart.

Additional information

Weight260 lbs




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