Hydraulic Core Drills


RGC HydraCore Drills are the most efficient, precise tools for boring 6 in. (15.2 cm) to 24 in. (55.9 cm) holes through concrete floors, ceiling or walls.

The drill stand is secured to a surface with lag bolts, which allows for clean, precise hole boring. The Hydraulic power operation delivers constant, efficient power with less noise and vibration.

  • Hydraulic Core Drill for 6 in. to 16 in. drill bits
  • Hydraulic Core Drill for 18 in. to 24 in. drill bits
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Hydraulic Concrete Core Drills allow your crew to remove cores of material perfect for drilling a core to test the density of concrete or cutting holes for pipe installation. And with a powerful hydraulic motor, you’ll get more return on investment as the motor won’t burn out at the first challenging job.

Core Drill Features & Benefits

  • Light, compact and quiet design permits easy handling.
  • Ideal for use in confined spaces.
  • Permits safe, easy, non-percussive drilling through concrete and aggregates with or without reinforcing.
  • Neat, clean and damage-free holes are the result of superior power, speed and hydraulic action.
  • Can be used underwater.
  • Minimal maintenance and easy parts replacement.
  • Use with an RGC power pack or compatible hydraulic source.
HydraCore Drill
Part #17150071715008
Flow Range8-15 gpm (30-57 lpm)8-15 gpm (30-57 lpm)
Pressure Range2000 – 2500 psi
(138-172 bar)
2000 – 2500 psi
(138-172 bar)
Speed330 rpm200 rpm
Weight158 lbs.
(72 kg.)
163 lbs.
(74 kg.)
Core Bit Diameter6-16 in. (15-41 cm)18-24 in. (45-61 cm)
Drive1-1/4 – 7 UNC1-1/4 – 7 UNC

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Our core drills run on powerful hydraulic motors that extend the tool’s life span and offer a higher return on investment than gas and electric alternatives. Our selection of core drill accessories for sale includes hose whips, flow dividers and HydraPump hoses to increase the versatility and convenience of your drill. You can also select your required drill bits for precision drilling ranging from 6 inches to 24 inches in diameter. All of our portable core drilling machines are compatible with our hydraulic power packs for even greater convenience.

At RGC Construction, we’re proud to be among the leading core drill manufacturers and suppliers for contractors across the country. Buy your hydraulic core drill and accessories online at the RGC Construction website to experience the superior quality and extreme power of hydraulic concrete core drills. Our experienced team is also on hand to answer any questions and provide helpful industry advice.

Additional information

Model Description

CD616 – Hydraulic Core Drill for 6 in. to 16 in. drill bits(1¼ in. UNC thread), CD1824* – Hydraulic Core Drill for 18 in. to 24 in. drill bits (1¼ in. UNC thread)




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