As market volatility and material shortages have continued to plague our industry – along with so many others – we are continuing to face rising prices, shipment delays and, in some cases, even lack of material availability. This has impacted almost every aspect of our business, from procurement costs to manufacturing and inventory availability to shipping, storage and logistics.

As a result, we are increasing the current surcharge on all orders, beginning with those orders placed Aug. 1, 2021. With this change, the surcharge will be 9% of the net price, excluding freight charges. It will continue to be shown as a separate line item on your total order cost.

We know this is difficult news, and, as always, welcome your feedback. This measure is expected to be temporary, and the plan is to reduce or remove this surcharge once market conditions stabilize and normalize.

Our goal is to continue to be as transparent with you as much as possible throughout this tumultuous year, and we look forward to continuing to deliver what you need when you need it. Thank you for continuing to choose RGC as your trusted partner.