Hydraulic Chainsaw Accessories

RGC manufactures and distributes hydraulic chainsaw accessories built to specifically fit with our HydraCutter line of products. We offer the following hydraulic chainsaw parts for sale:

  • Chains: We offer a choice of diamond-segmented S-series and L-series chains. S-series chains are perfect for cutting medium-soft to very hard materials with moderate to heavy steel reinforcing, while L-series chains are ideal for cutting newer concrete block and brick materials without steel reinforcing.
  • Bars: RGC HydraCutter bars are heavy-duty and enable your HydraCutter to cut more efficiently than the competition while requiring minimal maintenance. Capable of cutting up to 30″ deep with precision, RGC bars can cut square corners in thicker material without overcut.  RGC’s heavy-duty bars are available in lengths of 10″, 13″, 15″, 20″, 25″ and 30″.
  • Drive sprockets: RGC drive sprockets ensure your Hydracutter is working at its highest efficiency.  RGC Hydracutters are built to last years.  Replace your Drive Sprocket periodically to ensure your Hydracutter is working at maximum effectiveness even after years of use.  Drive sprockets are available in 8 GPM (18 Tooth) and 12 GPM (15 Tooth) sizes for use with RGC HydraCutters.
  • Shaft adapters: RGC Trantoque Shaft Adapters are compatible with the HydraCutter C150 and HydraCutter C50.
  • Auxiliary in-line pumps: The RGC ILP™ Auxiliary Hydraulic In-Line Pump will give your water pressure an extra boost.  Our ILP™ Auxiliary Hydraulic In-Line Pump is compatible with the HydraCutter C150 – 8GPM.
  • Cast Speedhook: Want to make cutting faster and easier?  Try RGC’s Cast Speedhook!  Add a Speedhook to your C150 Hydracutter and you will cut faster, straighter and with less effort.  The Cast Speedhook is an inexpensive solution to make more precise cuts in concrete with a minimum of physical effort and dramatically improved chain life.  RGC’s C150™ Cast Speedhook is 42 inches.

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