HydraCutter C120™ Bars


HydraCutter C120™ Accessories: Bars.


A high-powered, flexible saw that makes quick work of any cuts, the RGC HydraCutter 120™ is the latest evolution of hard-working saws that have been industry leaders for decades.

HydraCutter C120 Bars and Parts
Part #ModelDescription
194571050-L10 in. Bar (25.4 cm)
194571557-S15 in. Bar (38.1 cm)
194572057-L20 in. Bar (50.8 cm)
194572557-S25 in. Bar (63.5 cm)
194573067-L30 in. Bar (76.2 cm)
671991267-S12 gpm Drive Sprocket (12 Tooth)

Additional information

Model Description

10 in. Bar (25.4 cm), 15 in. Bar (38.1 cm), 20 in. Bar (50.8 cm), 25 in. Bar (63.5 cm), 30 in. Bar (76.2 cm)


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